Battling chaos

This past Friday afternoon my blog experienced a series of outages (at least 15) that were the result of a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack against the hosting service. As a result we decided to move to a more robust server configuration that we hope will make the site more reliable.

So what did I do while my blog was out?

I battled chaos, and while it might, in it’s way, be a fruitless endeavor, that fact did not stop me from trying.

The first strike against chaos were my efforts to unravel a large and untamed tangle of yarn that has taken up residence in my crochet empire/guest room. It was so large and unwieldy, I was too embarrassed to take any before photos, but suffice it to say, I should have it taken care of before my house guests arrive.

In the next round against chaos, I attempted to finish Ithe remaining squares needed for the Little Boy Blue afghan:

blue crochet squares
The Little Boy Blue blanket two crochet squares and one border shy of completion

While I made excellent progress and finished all of the squares needed, chaos did manage to strike a small blow as two of the squares are hidden somewhere in a pile of the blue yarns used to make this project. The operative word, however, is hidden, and my guess is I will find them tomorrow when I begin sorting the yarns and attempting to bring them into some kind of order.

The last round occurred not too long before sunset. As late afternoon approached and the weekend began to draw to a close, I realized that if I am to not fall behind any further on the Jean Leinhauser, 101 Crochet Squares crochet-a-long, I needed to get busy quickly.

Fortunately, the square for week 63 was just four rounds. Using the yarns that have gathered on the hearth of my living room and are waiting patiently to be put away, I was able to quickly complete Square 38:

crochet square crochet star center
Crochet Square 38

Pleased with the result and feeling energized at having accomplished something in it’s entirety (the square not the crochet-a-long), I continued on to square 34:

granny square textured crochet square
The first four rounds of crochet square 34

and while I did not finish it, I did get through four of the eight rounds before it was time to eat dinner.

Like life, battling chaos is an exercise in intrepid trepidation.

Sissies need not apply.