Day 14: I run errands and my mind wanders

I got up early this morning and started working on my state fair project. While the weather was somewhat humid, the skies had cleared and there were just a few puddles of water decorating the deck that is my outdoor office.

It would have been the perfect day to stay at home and work on my behemoth of a blanket, but just as the state fair waits for no woman, neither does life, and my string of relatively errand free days came to an end shortly after lunch.

I packed up my traveling crochet bag, got in the car with my son and his trumpet, and set out about our appointed rounds.

Among the errands we had to run, one was to get my son a new tie for an upcoming boychoir concert.

This particular errand took me to a part of the county where I usually get lost, and today was no exception. After I finally thought to give my son the phone so he could use Google maps to navigate me out of the vortex into which I had gotten myself, his directions left my mind free to think about things I wanted to think about, and I found myself ruminating about a pattern I had stumbled across many years earlier.

It could have been the extra loops I made driving in circles that reminded me, or it could be that since I am nearing the finish of my 2010 North Carolina State Fair project I am beginning to look toward the “next” thing, but whatever the case, when we had finished our errands and arrived home, I found myself searching for (and finding) the crochet pattern for a Lorenz stable manifold.

Crocheted Lorenz stable manifold

While the choice of black and white does not excite me, I think that using this picture as my guide

Lorenz manifold

I will be able to come up with something that is a more accurate reflection of how I experience the world.

But when the sun rises on the new day that is tomorrow, I will again turn my focus to the 155 squares I have yet to make, the 186 squares that must be joined and attached to the whole, and the 13 work days that stand between me and my deadline.