The Mailbox Cozy

As I mentioned in a previous post (Taking Stock), I want to create a crochet empire/guestroom. To that end, I purchased shelving that looks much like the classroom cubbies of my childhood and had, until this week, sat empty.

I decided that the first step to getting better organized would be to finish a substantial portion of my unfinished projects so that I would not have so much stuff that needed to be organized.

One project that made it out of the yarn annex, and into a cubby in the crochet empire/guestroom where it awaited completion, is a mailbox cozy.

To better explain why my mailbox needs a cozy, here is a picture:

unadorned mailbox
My unadorned mailbox with the flag down

One of the hazards of a mailbox like this is that when the sun hits it in exactly the right way, it can reflect a blinding glare. I attempt to ameliorate this hazard by putting a mailbox cozy on it.

I usually like to incorporate some aspect of the season into the design of the cozy, so for Christmas, there is one that looks like a gingerbread house, for Valentine’s Day, there is one that is a bright pink decorated with a variety of hearts in a variety of colors.

Last spring, I made one that was delft blue with an assortment of flowers. I had been in a hurry and used a double crochet stitch for the body of the cozy, and I tried to devise a method of attaching the flowers that did not take as much time as appliqué. The downside of all my hurry was that the cozy drooped and sagged.

This time, I wanted a cozy that would fit better and look less bedraggled, so I used Red Heart Super Saver yarn, a 4.5 mm hook, and a single crochet stitch. This is how it looked before I decorated it:

mailbox crochet cozy
A basic, as yet, unadorned crochet mailbox cozy

To give the cozy a little more pizazz, I added some black circles, and here is the finished product:

Mailbox crochet cozy
Mailbox with crochet cozy