I mostly finish a green scarf

My son goes back to school tomorrow after a long break, and while he was busy getting in his last bit of recreation before the new semester begins, I was busy doing laundry and working furiously to finish a scarf I am making for him, using this pattern from Christmas at Sea.

In between loads of laundry and last minute errands, I crocheted one row and then another, wondering with each row if I would finish the scarf in time.

And I did. Sort of.

With just enough daylight left for me to photograph the scarf and walk the dog, I made the last double crochet of the project, secured the end, and took some photos.

The first one details how much yarn was left of the three skeins I purchased:

the end of a crochet scarf
I finish work on a green scarf for my youngest son

The second highlights some of the ends I needed to weave in:

ends to be woven in on a crochet scarf
A detail of some of the ends to be woven in

and the third captures the scarf in it’s entirety:

The nearly ready to wear crochet green scarf
The nearly ready to wear crochet green scarf

After taking these photos, I walked the dog, made dinner, cleaned up, and then grabbed one of my beloved Clover bent-tipped yarn needles and got busy weaving in and trimming ends.

And although the scarf is not blocked, I don’t think that my son will care, and I am hoping that he enjoys wearing it as much as I enjoyed making it for him.