A very humid day

The weather, of late, has been quite damp. Not necessarily rainy or raining, but very, very humid.

So humid, it feels a bit like putting on a coat of moist air every time I have occasion to step into a space unmediated by the modern miracle that is air conditioning.

So with the air sticking to my skin the way cotton candy stuck to my fingers as a child, it has been difficult for me to make quick work of the vinxes.

The light at my house is best on the back deck which has some part shaded for most of the afternoon, but the yarn does not glide across my hook and my fingers the way it does when I work inside where I find the light — to put it charitably — uninspiring.

But despite the impediment brought on by the weather and my preference for crocheting en plein air, I have made progress on the vinx stole, finishing the assembly of the first of the four vinx needed for the project:

first finished crochet mink
The first fullly assembled vinx

as well as making substantive, if not substantial, progress on the other three:

four future crochet minks
Four future vinxes, all in a row

and while I don’t have a certain final vision of the piece, from my first tentative laying out of the vinxes:

crochet mink stole arrangement
One possible arrangement of the first vinx stole

it looks to me as if there won’t be a “wrong” order to piecing them together.

I am now, less than two weeks away from this year’s state fair season, and I am hoping that I can put the finishing touches on these vinxes before August 1 arrives which is both too soon and farther away than I would like.