Of hexagons, vinxes, and Pokémon Go

Yesterday, against my better judgement, I went to the Google Play store on my phone and downloaded Pokémon Go.

I am at the point in my life where I need to sort through what I have and reduce my holdings to what is essential, What, I wondered, could Pokémon Go have to offer that I could use?

Exercise! (At least that is what I told myself).

Crochet, I reasoned, is a solitary pursuit that requires lots of sitting. Pokémon Go is the opposite of that. You will meet people whether or not you want to, and you can’t really do it by staying the same place. Of necessity, you must get up and walk.

Which is exactly what I did this morning while I was out running errands. As I made my way on foot from one stop to another I collected Zubats and Pidgeys and Spearows, and occasionally I even came across Pokéstops where I was able to get more of the balls I would need to hurl at the Pokémon when they appeared.

When I finally reached my final errand (the library to get another look at Leonie Morgan’s 75 Colorful Crochet Hexagons), I was both exhilarated and distracted, so when I sat down to finish work on another hexagon that I began yesterday, I reached into my bag for my blue crochet hook.

The only problem was that I had two blue(ish) hooks in my bag, and instead of using the bluer hook in the top of the photo, I used the hook that tends more toward green in the bottom of the photo:

two blue crochet hooks
Two blue (ish) crochet hooks

And that would not have been a problem if I had been using that hook yesterday when I started the motif, but I hadn’t.

So while I made progress it looked a bit wonky, and not in a good or reparable way:

A partially completed crochet hexagon
A partially completed crochet hexagon

I was disappointed because up until I added the fourth triangle, I had found it to be a really interesting motif. What, I wondered, had gone wrong?

As I packed up my things so I could run more errands, I put my hook back into it’s zippered monster pouch and saw the “other” blue hook;  it was in that moment that I realized the hook I had used today was not the hook I had used yesterday.

Unfortunately, there was no time to fix it. I had errands to run, and, if I could fit it in, Pokémon to catch, so I continued packing up and then headed out.

This afternoon, however, there was a lull in my errands; I was able to frog the triangle that wasn’t working, redo it, and finish the two remaining triangles.

To my delight, it came out perfectly:

Another colorful crochet hexagon from Leonie Morgan
Another of Leonie Morgan’s colorful crochet hexagons

Feeling as though I had really accomplished something, I took out the parts of my vinxes and began to tackle the detail work that I had been putting off.

Using worsted weight yarn and rudimentary embroidery stitches, I gave one of them a face:

A crochet mink crochet vinx face
My first crochet vinx face

and then, with some trepidation, I joined the head of the vinx to the body of the vinx. My first effort (which I did not bother to document) did not go well, but my second effort appeared to my eye to look almost seamless:

The invisible seam for two crochet pieces
The invisible seam for two crochet pieces

By now the day was drawing to a close, so I laid the pieces of the vinxes out to get this one last photo:

two crochet minks crochet vinx for a crochet mink stole
Two crochet vinxes begin to take shape

Projects don’t always come together as easily as the vinxes have so far, but when they do, it is an unexpected pleasure. Kind of like finding a Caterpie while walking the dog.