Carpe diem (before it seizes you!)

I have had three days of what, in my life, is uninterrupted time to work.

There have been lessons to be gotten to, laundry to be washed, exercise to be done, and meals to be prepared, but for the most part, I have been able to focus my energy on my 2010 North Carolina State Fair project and I too the opportunity to and attempted to do as the Romans would and “carpe diem” .

As a result of the opportunity to make this concentrated effort, in the last 48 hours I have managed to add two rows to the project. If I maintain my focus, and, as a result, retain the crochet mojo that I currently have through tomorrow, I have a good chance to add yet another row, and end the month of August with nine of 31 rows completed.

This will be one row shy of my fantasy goal for August, but it does put me within reach of finishing the project in time for the state fair.

Today, I put the finishing touches on the row most recently added while my son was at choir practice.

A carpe diem overview of the first eight of 31 rows
A carpe diem overview of the first eight of 31 rows

modular crochet square with a crochet circle at the center
Detail of the first eight of 31 rows

Two-hundred-and-forty-eight squares down; 713 squares to go.