Crocheting a border

Today, a lot of the things I had been avoiding finally caught up to me, and I could not longer avoid them.

This came into clear focus this morning when the last — the very last– coffee filter was used to make the morning’s first, and as it happened, only pot of coffee.

I figured that as long as I had to venture into the drear and rain to buy coffee filters, I might as well get everything else my household needed while I was at it.

So while I was able to get a little crochet done this morning, the early afternoon was given over to the necessities of life, and it was not until late mid-afternoon that I was able to once again turn my full attention to my crochet.

My first order of business was to finish the first of what will be two long pieces that will be used to frame my 2012 North Carolina State Fair project which, after several errors that required frogging, I finished:

crochet border piece
One crochet border piece

Relieved and delighted to have finished this piece that proved to be challenging because there were so many opportunities to make mistakes and not notice them until they required much unraveling to be remediated, I decided to turn my attention to a simpler task: finishing another mutli-color motif.

Using one of the center squares I started by putting in place rectangles and smaller squares I have decorating my breakfast bar, and then made more in the colors needed to make it all work, and here is where I ended my crochet day:

mutlicolor textured crochet square motif
September 16th’s mutlicolor crochet square motif

I am hoping that tomorrow, I am able to harness my crochet energy and use it to finish at least four of the multi-color motifs and clear off my grandmother’s table where yarn scraps and other detritus from this project have accumulated, and maybe (just maybe) that will launch me into a super productive crochet week where I finish the multi-color motifs.