Poncho weather

There were any number of things I could have been doing today:

cleaning the kitchen
organizing my office
destashing my munificent yarn holdings
fixing the vacuum
actually vacuuming

Instead, I assiduously ignored all of the chores that were beckoning and worked on my color study poncho, a project which has me in its grip and which I very much want to finish so that I can wear it out into the world.

The day itself was gray and rainy, and even when it was not raining, the humidity hovered at 99% giving the air a rather moist feel. The sometimes overcast and often raining sky provided a counterpoint to my multi-color poncho squares.

After laying the squares out first one way then another and still another, I eventually settled on an arrangement, and then began the arduous task of seaming.

I decided to use a “right sides together through the back loops only” whip stitch for the seaming so that the inside of the completed poncho would be smooth, and so the outside of the poncho would appear to be one color directly abutting another color. This particular joining should also give the completed poncho a nice drape.

The seaming itself went rather slowly. The dark and cloudy day — while perfect for deciding which square to put where — was not as perfect for distracted seaming, so after having to find and fix one more seaming mistake than I cared to, I began to pay closer attention to what I was doing and eventually finished what I think of as “the front” of the poncho:

future crochet poncho
One side of a soon-to-be crochet poncho

With the pieces of the front of the poncho all joined, I turned my attention to “the back”:

future crochet poncho
The other side of a soon-to-be crochet poncho

And then, to make sure that there was nothing wildly out of place that would cause me some color problem during the final piecing, I checked them out side-by-side:

future crochet poncho
The two sides of a soon-to-be crochet poncho

I am hoping that I have enough energy to finish this project before I go to bed tonight because tomorrow’s forecast high of 57ยบ F strikes me as perfect poncho weather.