Another ta-done! multicolor crochet blanket

I had thought I would breeze through the last four rounds of this project just as I had the the previous five, but even though it was a 144 fewer stitches and 2 fewer ends to weave in, something about the journey of the last four rounds of this multicolor crochet blanket made it go more slowly–but more slowly or not, it is finally ta-done.

The first thing I needed to attend to was round thirty-three. I had decided on a citron color, and I loved the interplay between the very light, but not pastel, green and the bluish-red “rouge” of the previous round:

A thirty-three round granny square
The great granny square at thirty-three rounds

With round thirty-three done, the question was now “what would I do for round thirty-four?” I wanted to soften the vibrance of the citron just a bit, but I also needed to create a color bridge to the final edge of the blanket. I ended up reaching for a color called grenadine.

Red Heart Super Saver grenadine was not a “love at first sight” kind of color moment for me. Like coffee, it has been an acquired taste, but now that I have it in my life, I can’t imagine NOT having it in my life. I think of it as a vibrant neutral, not unlike hot red.

My decision to work the thirty-fourth round in the color served both me and the blanket well:

A thirty-four round granny square
The great granny square at thirty-four rounds

Wanting to see if all the colors were working together as I hoped they would, I took a moment to fold in the corners of the nearly completed multicolor crochet blanket, and was pleased with how it looked:

A thirty-four round multicolor crochet granny square with the corners folded in
The great granny square at thirty-four rounds with the corners folded in

With just two rounds left to set the tone for the finished piece, I chose my colors carefully.

Round thirty-five was a warmer than average Red Heart Super Saver color called “lemon”

A thirty-five round granny square
The great granny square at thirty-five rounds

and the thirty-sixth and final round was worked in the aptly named color “orange crush”

A thirty-six round multicolor crochet blanket made with a great granny square.
The great granny square at thirty-six rounds

With this project now in the review mirror of my crochet life, I don’t know exactly what is next on the horizon, but whatever it is, I will move forward, one stitch at a time.