Flavor of the day

With locations throughout the area known as “The Triangle” of North Carolina as well as Erindale, Australia, one of my favorite places to get dessert is at one of the Goodberry’s frozen custard stands near my home.

In addition to the daily offering of the vanilla, chocolate, and sugar-free vanilla flavors that are used in the sundaes, parfaits and concretes (frozen custard with your choice of toppings mixed in) Goodberry’s also offers a flavor-of-the-day, and today’s flavor was “choco chip cookie dough.”

Inspired by the flavor-of-the-day at Goodberry’s, I set aside the groovyghan for a couple of hours and set to the task of figuring out how to crochet a motif for my cookie project that resembles the NestlĂ© Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies that I love so well.

After trying several things that ultimately did not work, I finally completed this 4″ crocheted cookie motif:

crochet chocolate chip cookie amigurumi cookie
The front of the crochet chocolate chip cookies

While it took me awhile to figure out the logistics of how to assemble the front of the cookie, crocheting the back of the cookie took just a few minutes:

crochet chocolate chip cookie amigurumi cookie
The bottom of the crochet chocolate chip cookie

Now that I have figured out how to make a chocolate chip cookie to go with the gingersnap, sugar cookie with sprinkles, iced oatmeal, and the Girl Scout inspired Lemonades™, I can start to experiment with different joining methods so that this cookieghan does not crumble.