Notes on a Nubby Crochet Brimmed Hat

Last week, just before I left for a weekend of sunshine and surf, I got a message from fellow crocheter, Eileen Tepper, asking me if I would test a pattern for a hat she had designed.

I love Eileen’s hats, so I was delighted to be asked and more than delighted to say yes.

Given that I am trying to use what I have so that it is not just insulation for the attic of my house, I looked over the yarn options that were available to me. To my shock, I found these two skeins of gray:

crochetbug, crochet hat, crochet cap, textured crochet cap, eileen tepper
Two skeins of Red Heart Super Saver Grey Heather that were hiding in a cubby in my crochet empire

Gray is a color I tend to buy on an as needed basis, so I don’t know how I ended up with more than one skein, but gray seemed a good choice for a hat to be worn in the fall or winter. Additionally, the gray in question is light enough for the stitches to be seen easily which is a good quality for yarn to have when trying a pattern for the first time.

Having selected the yarn and found the hooks I needed, I sat down to make the hat.

The pattern was, as all of Eileen’s patterns are, carefully thought out and easy to follow. The hat I worked on today was a meld of her Nubby Brim Cloche:

crochetbug, eileen tepper, tepper wear, crochet hat, crochet cloche, textured crochet cloche
Another nubby brim crochet cloche with orange and red ribbon threaded through

and her Crochet Newsboy Hat:

crochetbug, crochet hat, crochet cap, tiffany blue, textured crochet cap, eileen tepper
Eileen Tepper’s Newsboy Hat

I began my effort at 3:02 this afternoon with the hope that I could finish by 5:00 pm, and had I not gotten on the phone and chatted and then taken time to harvest crops at Farmville, I probably would have made that time, but even working with interruptions and distractions, I had the hat made and ready to be photographed before 6:00 pm:

crochetbug, crochet hat, crochet cap, textured crochet cap, eileen tepper
Eileen Tepper’s Nubby Crochet Brimmed Hat

Needing a model, I rifled through my son’s stuffed animals and found this tiger who was ready, willing, and able to pose wearing the hat:

crochetbug, crochet hat, crochet cap, textured crochet cap, eileen tepper
Max’s tiger, Hobbes, wearing the Nubby Crochet Brimmed Hat

As always, Ms. Tepper’s directions are excellent and her sense of style flawless. I will definitely be making this hat again, and I will be sure to let readers know when the pattern is available for purchase.