I make a peace sign granny square

Because I am more than a little militant about line drying my laundry, I have to keep an eye on the weather in order to make sure that my family and I don’t run out of clean towels, bed linens, and what I think of as the “essentials” of our respective wardrobes.

When I looked at the five-day weather forecast this morning, I saw that while there would be plenty of sunshine today, the outlook for the rest of the week and the weekend had more lightning bolts and less sunshine, so I got together all of the dirty laundry I could find, and three loads later, I was ready to sit down and crochet.

The opportunity to sit down and crochet was not long lived, but using a 5.0mm hook, Red Heart Super Saver pretty ‘n pink and candy print along with this pattern by Judy K, proprietress of the blog “So far, so good,” I managed to get the motif done before it was time to venture out into the late afternoon traffic for my son’s trumpet lesson:

crochet peace sign granny square
Judy K’s Peace Sign granny square

Initially the second round was pretty frustrating, but after my third try, I noticed the neat little chart that had been included to make it easier, and when I used the chart, I got through the second round with no problem.

From that point forward, things went relatively well, and while it was a little awkward in places where there were frequent changes from yarn A to yarn B and the back to yarn A, I can see that with enough practice a crocheter could fly right through these squares.

I probably should have been working toward the goal of figuring out what I will work on for my 2011 North Carolina State Fair project, but after finishing the stealth stash bag, it was fun to break out the retinal damage brights just to see what could be done with them, and if tomorrow’s weather does turn out to be like the dark cloud with lightning coming out of depicted at weather.com, I will be ready to crochet my way through the storm.