Nostepinne madness

Yesterday I decided to do what I could to finish the Road Trip scarf I had begun work on.

I was using Preminer Yarns Peaches and Cream Pop color way which consists of a peachy off-white, peach, and pink. When I had run out of yarn from the first skein, I was crocheting with the pink, and I decided that rather than switching to the next color in the sequence (the peachy off-white) I wanted to continue and finish with the pink.

My problem?

The center of the skein starts with the peachy off-white which is then followed by peach:

sweet roll yarn skein
A sweet roll skein of Premier Yarns Peaches and Cream Pop colorway

Getting to the pink was not going to be easy, and had the potential to be very messy and result in a tangled skein of yarn.

I needed a solution, and the solution I hit on was to wind the yarn around a nostepinne that would allow me to get to the pink while keeping the peachy off-white and peach tidy and in the same order they were in on the skein.

Using an empty M&M container I had purchased just for this purpose:

M & M nostepinne
An M & M nostepinne and a skein of yarn

I secured the tail end of the inside of the skein by clamping it in the lid of the M&Ms container and began winding the yarn.

Soon I had all of the peachy off-white wound around the nostepinne:

winding yarn on a nostepinne
I wind the peachy off-white

Happy with my progress, I continued winding the peach until I reached the pink:

winding yarn on a nostepinne
I reach the first length of pink yarn

Having reached the color I wanted to use, I cut the yarn where the peach met the pink, got out my 5.5 mm hook, and finished crocheting the scarf, opting for a simpler, less bulky edge than the one called for in the original pattern:

road trip scarf edge
The finished edge of the peaches and cream pop Road Trip scarf

Then I laid out the scarf an made a few six-flowers as a starting point for tricking it out:

road trip scarf with crochet flowers
The finished Road Trip scarf in need of tricking out

Satisfied with my progress on the scarf, I then turned my attention to the partially completed power flower motifs that have captivated me and won’t let me go.

I finished work on four them:

crochet flower motifs
Four new flower power motifs

and then got this group photo of some of the motifs I have manage to finish:

crochet flower motifs
Flower power group photo

Then, with the sun about to set on my day, I got out three nostepinnes:

Three nostepinnes
Three nostepinnes

and made this video:

which resulted in this cute little center pull skein of Red Heart Super Saver grape fizz:

mini center pull skein
A mini center pull skein of grape fizz

As with so many of my crochet adventures, I don’t know exactly where this adventure will lead, but I will continue to follow the path head of me, one stitch at a time.

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