Going around in (crochet) circles

Today I slept in later than usual and got what apparently was some much needed rest.

However, an aura of lethargy hung over me most of the day, and I spent much of my time in some sort of repose, including half-an-hour spent online at Ravelry sorting through my increasingly longer queue of projects I’d like to make.

After editing items from my queue that I had either made, lost interest in making, or were very similar to another project already in the queue, the to-do list was reduced from just under 300 potential projects to 235.

Not exactly doable, but at least the number of items on list is moving in the direction of more manageable rather than looking like the unwieldy electronic inventory of a cyberhoarder who is paralyzed at the thought of deleting even one project she might possibly do one day.

I also decided to move two items in my queue to my crochet bucket list. Coming in at 73 is this Spiral Square pattern courtesy of a woman named Rowena:

Spiral square courtesy of Rowena the Buddhist worked by going around in circles
Spiral square courtesy of Rowena the Buddhist worked by going around in circles

Meant to be mandala-like in nature, this simple square has a lot of interesting things about it, not the least of which is the way the increases for the circle are worked. Rowena’s method results in a much rounder circle that does not look either octagonal or hexagonal in the way many circles do.

One note to would-be U.S. crocheters: the designer lives in Australia, and the 8-ply yarn referenced in the directions is more like a DK weight yarn in the U.S. If you are going to work this square in a worsted weight (as I will be), you will probably find that a 5.0 or 5.5mm hook gives you a more similar look to the square in the photo than the 3.75mm hooked called for in the directions.

Sticking with the theme of “round,” coming in at 72 on my crochet bucket list is this ideal crochet sphere courtesy of the blogger known as Ms. Premise-Conclusion:

Ms. Premise-Conclusions ideal crochet sphere

This sphere, to my mind, looks not only ideal, but perfect, and I can hardly wait to make it.