A crochet granny rectangle photo tutorial

This year working on my state fair project seems to entail a lot of clearing the decks before I can get to it, and in the process I came across the elements I needed to complete a photo tutorial.

This is in large part due to the fact that what remains to be done is a huge amount of piecing and detail work as can be seen in this photo where I left off before I packed everything up last year:

crazy quilt crochet panel, crochetbug, narrative crochet, crochet afghan, crochet blanket, crochet throw, nora buchta
My progress on the center panel as of this morning

In order to actually do all of this piecing and detailed work, I need to get my dining table cleared off so that I do not have to pick things up and put them away at the end of the day, and then get them out and set them up again in the morning.

The pieces need a place to be, and that place, it seems, is my dining table.

So toward the end of clearing the decks of both visual and mental clutter, today I worked on a granny rectangle tutorial.

Like so many things, this is one of several dozen that I have been “meaning to get to,” and it may even be on my list of 51 things for which I need to write a pattern.

I will know for sure once I unearth the list, but whether or not it is on the official list, the photo tutorial is done.

Using this rectangle as a guide:

The start of a granny square lunch box with a crochet rectangle perfect for a photo tutorial
The start of a granny square lunch box with a crochet rectangle perfect for a photo tutorial

A 4.5 mm hook, and my munificent stash of worsted weight yarn, I spent the afternoon, crocheting a little bit then taking a photo, crocheting a little bit more, then taking yet another photo, and so on, until I had not only a three round granny rectangle:

crochetbug, crochet granny rectangle, crochet rectangle, granny crochet
A three round crochet granny rectangle

but a bazillion photos that seemed to document each stitch and which I was then able to use in the service of a photo laden granny rectangle crochet tutorial, the pdf for which you can find here.

I’m not altogether certain when I will finally hit table top, but I am hoping it’s soon because August is nearly half gone, and the older I get, the more time contracts.