When a color doesn’t spark joy

When I choose colors for crochet, I don’t rely on the color wheel; instead, I pay attention to what I think of as the “mood” of a color, and I ask myself “how does this color make me feel when it next to this other color?” For this project, if a color doesn’t spark joy, it’s got to go.

So I found myself with a bit of a color conundrum on my hands. I had thought the color choices I made for the first of two granny square blankets I am working on were “good enough”–and they were, up until they weren’t.

As I crocheted the eighteenth round, I found myself liking the blanket less and less.

I kept trying to make the feeling go away, but like so many feelings, it wouldn’t take no for an answer. After too many hours spent thing “should I frog this or not?” frogging finally won out, and I did what one sometimes must do: I performed what I think of as a crochet reset.

I frogged my way back to where I was happy with my progress, and I tried a new set of three colors in two different configurations. After examining the change up close:

I took a step back to see how it looked to me from a distance of a couple of feet:

Then I set it aside so my mind could let the color options percolate, and I resumed work on Pochacco, an amigurumi from the Hello Kitty Crochet collections.

This book has turned out to be much more of a favorite of mine than I had expected it to be. I had thought I would make a couple of the figures and be done with it, but I am now on my fifth figure with at least three more planned.

But today I was focused on my first Pochacco. I am making him to coordinate with the second great granny square blanket and today I got this far with him:

A future light coral, rouge, and pretty 'n pink Pochacco, amigurumi Hello Kitty toy
A future Pochacco

By the time I reached this point I had had a couple of hours to ruminate on my color choices for the giant granny square, and, I went back to the first of two new great granny square blankets I am working on, and got to work.

Using my 5.5 mm hook and Red Heart Super Saver cherry, I frogged the turqua that I had previously used for the sixteenth round and got to work on the new sixteenth round.

As I crocheted a round of cherry red, the relief I felt was palpable, and I stopped and took this photo:

A sixteen round (so far) multicolor granny square blanket that sparks joy

I could have pushed on, but I decided that at least for today, I would enjoy the way the colors now spark joy for me, and tomorrow, or the next day, I will continue to move forward one stitch at a time.