My Project Linus project: ready to post

Today, I got almost everything done for the Project Linus project I am working on, and now, except for a very few details, it is ready to post.

I finished work on the four corner squares, complete with all the embellishments I wanted to include:

four crochet corners for a project linus crochet blanket
The four corners, completed

I joined each of the squares to its intended corner on the blanket:

the project linus crochet blanket with all of the crochet panels joined
My Project Linus crochet project before adding the border

and then I joined the single crochet border pieces, wove in and trimmed all the ends ends, and managed to get this photo of the whole kit and caboodle shortly before sunset:

The completed Project Linus crochet project ready to post
The completed Project Linus crochet project ready to post

Now that the entire piece is done, tomorrow, I will have to take some final photos that document (in better light) the finished piece, and I will have to go over the rudimentary notes I made along the way to make certain that I can understand them well enough to write up a crochet pattern that others can follow (if they so chose) so they can make their own Project Linus blanket.

And then, it will be time to pack it up and send it off to Bloomington, Illinois, so that it can be included in this year’s Project Linus Conference 2013 Blanket Challenge.

I learn something from each project I make, and I can hardly wait to put what I learned to use in my 2013 North Carolina State Fair entry.