Last minute gift idea: fingerless gloves

While some might wonder at the value of fingerless gloves (or gauntlets as they might be called in some fashion situations), they can serve to keep your hands warm, while allowing the fingers to remain somewhat nimble.

While one wiki user known as Psyphics has noted that in fiction, fingerless gloves are the handwear favored by “characters who wish to display a certain sense of rebellion, recklessness, or general disregard for the standards of society.”

The reason I prefer to make fingerless gloves is a bit more practical.

Crocheting comfortable and usable fingered gloves from any weight of yarn presents a set of challenges I have yet to master.

Enter the fingerless glove.

I made my first pair four years ago for a girl who rode the same bus that my son rode. After successfully completing a pair for her, I went on to make two more pairs in an adult size:

crochet fingerless gloves, crochetbug, crochet gloves, crochet present, orange, gold, yellow
A pair of orange crochet fingerless gloves with gold trim

crochet fingerless gloves, crochetbug, crochet gloves, crochet present, deep pink, purple
A pair of cherry crochet fingerless gloves with a purple trim

While the advantage of fingerless gloves from the crafting standpoint is the ease with which they can be made (perfect for any last minute gifts you might need to give), the advantage to the wearer is that sometimes you need your hands to be warmer than they are without gloves, but at the same time, you need the mobility and dexterity that you can only get with bare hands.

Fingerless gloves can bridge the gap between the two competing needs, and if you have a stash of yarn and an internet connection to find a free pattern that appeals to you, it can take less time to make a gift than to go out and buy one.