A future flower blossom fat bag begins to take shape

Because I have such an active imagination, I thought that I would finish the Flower Blossom Bag, and while I came close, I am not quite done.

After I had finished joining all of the squares, weaving in the ends, and the trimming them:

twenty-five crochet flowers crochet bag
A square ready to become a fat bag

All I had left to do was

block the square before crocheting the “edge trim,” “side trim,” and handles/straps
find and buy the perfect lining
wash and iron the perfect lining
crochet the “edge trim,” “side trim,” and handles/straps
weave in and trim the resulting ends
measure and cut the lining (sewing seams and pressing as needed)
insert and secure the lining by sewing it to the bag

Needless to say the tasks to be completed exceeded the time available, but just as the sun was setting, I did manage to finish all of the crochet and get this picture of the new, nearly finished fat bag that is in need of a lining:

crochet flower crochet fat bag, crochetbug, crochet squares, crochet flowers
A side view of the flower blossom bag ready to be lined

I also managed to find and buy the perfect lining, opting for a spring-like green over a summer-like orange:

spring green fabric lining for a crochet flower crochet bag
The flower blossom bag with its future lining

Tomorrow, I will work to finish the lining, and from there, I will be ready to go wherever this bag takes me.