I celebrate Bastille Day with a Tricolore inspired stash bag

Today was Bastille Day, and as July races past, I am facing the fact that I have to get serious about putting my crochet house in order so that I am ready to begin work on this year’s state fair project come August 1.

Toward that end, I decided that yet another stash bag was in order. Crocheting a stash bag uses yarn and then leaves me with a receptacle to house my burgeoning stash.

Using the Purl Bee’s free crochet basket pattern, a 5.5 mm hook and this assortment of yarn from my stash:

red, white, and blue acrylic yarn
Yarn from my stash for a new crochet stash basket

I got to work on a Tricolore-inspired stash bag to celebrate Bastille Day.

I started with the Red Heart Super Saver royal blue for the base and the first eight rounds of the side with the idea that if I tipped the completed stash bag over on its side the colors would be in the same order as they are on the flag.

After a few miscounts here and there (necessitating a bit of frogging and recrocheting) I got the base done:

crochet stash basket base
The base of a new crochet stash basket

With the base completed, I skipped the five rounds of sc stitches without increase and went straight to the first eight rounds of the four-round stitch pattern that goes up the side of the bag.

Once I had the royal blue rounds done, I grabbed the vintage Wintuck in a rather stark shade of white and got to work on the next eight rounds. In relatively short order, they were done:

crochet stash basket
The Tricolore inspired stash bag in need of eight additional rounds and two straps

With just eight rounds and two straps left to finish this project, I am expecting that by lunchtime tomorrow, I will have a new stash bag and be ready for my next crochet adventure.