A purple crochet day

When I was a child, purple was my favorite color, so it’s fitting that on an overcast gray day, I found three projects to work on making it a purple crochet day.

Since my youngest son asked me where the solving squares I made for a six-sudoku crochet afghan were, I have been making time, here and there, to get the squares finished. I had completed the spring green and light orchid, and I decided that next up would be the amethyst, so with hook in one hand and yarn in the other, I got to work, and within the hour I had nine solving squares all crocheted:

Purple crochet squares to solve a crochet sudoku puzzle
Purple crochet squares

Obviously, I didn’t get the ends woven in, but since I was making it a “crochet day” and not a “weaving in ends day,” I picked up a 4.0 mm hook and continued crocheting, but on a different project, namely a second crochet troll hat.

The fact that I haven’t finished the first one did not deter me from getting a start on a new one. The colors for this one came to me in a single vision, so I thought I should start while the idea was fresh and before I had a chance to change my mind, and I got this far before I had to set it aside:

A new crochet troll hat made with purple yarn
A future purple troll hat

The next thing on my purple crochet day list was to find some yarn that I was certain I had. Yarn I had purchased sometime in 2008 or 2009–a beautiful bulky weight angora and wool blend. Originally purchased to make a crochet rug that never materialized, I have been transforming the yarn into crochet hats, specifically a crochet newsboy hat designed by Eileen Tepper of TepperWare fame.

I have worked it primarily in lighter colors, and I am curious to see how well the textured stitches show up when I use the jewel tone:

A Purple bulky weight angora wool blend from my yarn stash
Purple yarn

And, on this day of purple crochet, I will continue forward, one stitch–if not one project–at a time.