Bigglesworth oversees sunshine and shadow

For a brief period of time in 2004, my oldest son’s cat, Mr. Bigglesworth, came to live with me, and in that time, I developed an appreciation of cats, and Mr. Bigglesworth developed an appreciation of crochet.

In fact, he oversaw my 2004 state fair project, which went on to win a blue ribbon.

I did, however, make the mistake of bringing another cat into the house, a transgression that Bigglesworth found himself unable to forgive until tonight.

My youngest son and I were visiting my oldest son, and having finally finished all of the squares for the sunshine and shadow project, I was eager to see them all laid out.

After spending 20 minutes laying out the pieces, I got my first glimpse of how the finished project will appear:

rainbow crochet squares
Sunshine and shadow ready for joining

After getting all of the pieces laid out, I began joining one of the rows, and when my back was turned, Bigglesworth, my oldest son’s cat who had not (and most likely never will) forgiven me for bringing Stripes into the household, discovered my work and decided to conduct an inspection:

My oldest son's cat inspects my crochet work
My oldest son’s cat inspects my crochet work

He was very thorough:

crochet cat inspection
Mr. Bigglesworth checks to see if it passes the nap test

And while I am not yet entirely in Bigglesworth’s good graces, he seemed to have forgiven me a little bit.