Six almost ready-to-go crochet jellyfish

Yesterday, because the weather was perfect, and because I am dedicating the time I am not spending training for a marathon to getting my house in order, I got caught up on the laundry that had been accumulating while six nearly ready-to-go crochet jellyfish waited on me.

Three loads of laundry later, I was able to shift my attention to my crochet, and what time I had, I spent making the hyperbolic curlicues that form the tentacles of the jellyfish.

I did that until I was too tired to stay awake, and then today I built on yesterday’s progress for most of today and found that several hundred stitches later, all of the hyperbolic ¬†tentacles were finally done:

six crochet jellyfish bases nearly ready-to-go
Six crochet jellyfish bases with hyperbolic curlicue tentacles

And not only had I made measurable progress on the tentacles, I had nearly all of the faces done as well:

Six future crochet jellyfish, ready-to-go
Six future crochet jellyfish, ready-to-go

All that was left to do was to finish weaving in a few ends, finish up one undone face, and then begin the process of joining the base to the bell and stuffing the the jellyfish.

Unfortunately, I was out of day. There was dinner to be made (and eaten), a dog to be walked, some (but not much) laundry still to be put away, so I am waiting for the sun to rise on a new day, so I can put the finishing touches on this bloom-to-be of crochet jellyfish.