Stash down 2014: Five caps done, five to go

While November draws to a close at breakneck speed, I continue with my hat project, working one stitch then another until, as happened today, a completed hat emerges. As of today, I have five caps done.

As of Friday, I had two hats in medias res, and when I was not doing the non-crochet related things that needed doing this weekend, I focused all of my efforts on the one I call the tealeaf hat.

I took it took it everywhere with me this past weekend — the coffee shop, my mother’s home, the parking lot at my son’s high school where I waited to pick him up, and shortly before sunset on this overcast and rainy but warmer-than-it-has-been-recently day, I finished work on the fifth of ten hats that I will need for our Christmas celebration with my cousins:

A tealeaf seafarer's crochet cap, ready to wear; the fifth of five caps
A tealeaf seafarer’s crochet cap, ready to wear; the fifth of five caps

As for the second hat, a peachy confection that I intend to trick out when it is done, I made very little progress, but after finishing the tealeaf hat, I did find this skein of a denim vintage Red Heart yarn:

blue vintage yarn
Vintage yarn for the next seafarer’s crochet cap

and I think it will be just the thing for the sixth (in this series of ten) hats.