The perils of being in a hurry

There are plenty of times that I experience what feels like an outside force exerting pressure on me to hurry.

Generally speaking, I believe that hurrying is a waste of one’s times, and on those occasions that one succumbs to that very real, yet imaginary force, the best that can be hoped for is that no one is hurt as a result of one’s haste.

This past weekend I spent the bulk of my crochet time either remediating blog posts past, or sorting through and tying the ends of my myriad yarn scraps.

When I began work on what is the fifth scrap cat in series of scrap cats, it was apparent to me that I might not have enough yarn scraps already assembled to finish it, and if I did, I certainly didn’t have enough to make the six ears and three tails that I will also need to finish scrap cats 3, 4, and 5.

As I started going through the scraps, the fact that they were from a variety of projects was readily apparent, and I began to sort them into piles of colors that seemed more related to one another.

One grouping was one I termed “Scooby Doo.” Like the colors used in the cartoon, these yarn scraps are a bit more somber and haunted than bright and exuberant:

yarn scraps, crochetbug, use what you have, upcycle
A collection of Scooby Doo yarn scraps

After a determined effort to bring as much order as possible to the bits and pieces I had sorted and assembled, I had gotten this far:

yarn scraps, crochetbug, use what you have, upcycle
Progress on the Scooby Doo yarn scraps

Which is about as far as I had gotten with the Flamingo palette scraps that I had identified and assembled:

yarn scraps, crochetbug, use what you have, upcycle
Flamingo palette yarn scrap

The other area of progress to note was that of the yarn ball composed of medium lengths of yarn scrap. I have this yarn ball in mind for a ripple afghan.

Just a few days ago, this is how it looked next to the shocking pink scrap cat:

scrap yarn crochet cat and scrap yarn ball, crochetbug
Scrap cat with scrap yarn ball on May 30, 2017

and here how both appear now:

yarn scraps, crochetbug, use what you have, upcycle, crochet cat, amigurumi cat
The shocking pink scrap cat next to the ball of medium length yarn scraps

Both the cat and the yarn ball are now taller than they were.

As for the fifth scrap cat, I have made progress on that as well, but when I was taking the photos for my blog post, I neglected to get one of the fifth scrap cat because I was in a hurry.