Lucky thirteen

Allergy season in Raleigh, North Carolina, is in full bloom, so it is, in a way, and even thought most of the pollen in my neighborhood is dropping from the trees, it seems appropriate that I spent most of my crochet time over the past two days working on a join-as-you-go six-petal flower shawl.

I managed to add two rows to the smaller of what is (at the moment) the smaller of the two shawls and weave in all of the ends that needed to be woven in on that same shawl, bringing the total number of rows completed for the smaller shawl to thirteen.

This is not quick work. If you are in need of a project with instant crochet gratification, you need to look elsewhere, but if you want a project that gives you a lot of time to meditate on life, this project is perfect.

Here are the two shawls shown one next to the other:

Two crochet shawls in medias res both are now at or past thirteen rows
Two crochet shawls in medias res both are now at or past thirteen rows

and here they are laid end-to-end, just five rows shy of the completed length of one shawl:

crochet flower join as you go crochet shawls
Two crochet flower shawls laid end to end

and here is an up close and personal view of the flowers:

crochet shawl made of join as you go crochet flowers
The long view of the crochet shawl made of crochet flowers

The crochet time I did not spend on “actual” crocheting, I spent making two short crochet videos using Google Glass to film the action.

The first video details “How to make a slip stitch that slips”:

while the second one demonstrates how to make a chain:

I know that most of my readers already have these skills down pat, but not everyone does, and if the videos I make can help just one person learn this marvelous craft, it will have all been worthwhile.