Yet another snow day

On the street where I live Tuesday is trash and recyclables pick up day — usually — but last week, the weather made our streets too icy for the workers to traverse safely, so our pick up for the week was cancelled.

This morning when I got up, we were two weeks out from the last pick up, and as I got my son ready for school I was also busy taking the recycling to the curb where it belonged when I noticed what appeared to be snow.

I tried to convince myself that I was tired and just seeing things, but I decided to check the weather report, and it turned out that it wasn’t my imagination, and all indications were that we would have snow for most of the day. I then checked online for the local television station where schools and businesses post closings and delays and saw that at that point, one school district had cancelled classes, and one had a 3-hour delay.

But there was nothing for the district where my son attends school or for several of the immediately surrounding districts. Suspicious, I checked the twitter feed for what I hoped would be more current news and learned that a two-hour delay had been called just minutes earlier. I told my son who went back to bed, asking me to get him up when it was time to go to school.

When I got up two-hours later ready to get him to school, everything was covered in snow:

snow day February 2015
Another snow day, February, 24, 2015

and classes had been cancelled for the day.

Determined not to let this gift of time get away from me, once I had all of my household chores attended to, I concentrated my efforts on the boho hearts that I have been crocheting.

By the time sunset neared, I had forty-eight of them done, and I am (as yet) undecided as to whether I will arrange them in circles like a mandala:

crochet heart circles
One possible arrangement for a crochet heart mandala

or go with an easier to organize rectangle which could be used as a wall hanging or a table runner:

rectangle of crochet hearts
Possible crochet wall hanging or table runner

In the meantime, classes have already been canceled for tomorrow, so it looks as though I will have at least another day to think about it.