Super Bowl LIV

Yesterday as I was out shopping for the food I would need to see me through Super Bowl LIV, I also gave some thought to what crochet project I would be working on during the game.

As I have decided that 2020 is my personal “year of the hat,” there were a lot of crochet options to choose from.

Of late, I have been busy making a series of textured crochet newsboy hats with a recently unearthed stash of bulky weight angora wool blend I found in the garage, and I could probably make an entire hat from start to finish during the game, but that would require me to keep an accurate stitch count, and that isn’t always easy when I am busy watching the commercials.

So then I considered working on a crochet Viking hat that is in stasis, but, like a newsboy hat, it would require an accurate stitch count, and I would, no doubt, miss a really good commercial, so which brought me to the second crochet troll hat.

It has been languishing on my dining table waiting for me to notice it and get to work.

I surveyed what was left to be done. I needed to crochet two ears, I needed to crochet a headband, I needed to crochet flowers to decorate the head band, and I needed to finish adding the yarn hair so that I could begin unravelling it:

A crochet troll hat not quite ready to have the yarn unravelled
The second troll hat in need of some work

As it was, it wasn’t quite game ready but with a hour of preparation, I could have it ready for kickoff.

I started by adding the rest of the yarn hair. Next, I crochet a headband, and then, finally, I managed to crochet one ear before kickoff:

A crochet troll hat ready for Super Bowl LIV
A second crochet troll hat ready for Super Bowl LIV

I don’t know how much of the hair I will get unravelled during the game, but I will move forward, one strand at a time.