Crochet redux: A sisterhood of colors

Note to my readers: This post was first published on January 11, 2011 under the title “A sisterhood of colors.”

I don’t usually drive on what I term “ice” days, but today, shortly after twelve noon, I had to venture out into the world of mist and ice.

This is pretty much what it looked like, except for the areas that didn’t have all the colorful green you see here:

Durham, North Carolina, January 2011
January 11, 2011

It is days like these that it seems to me that spring is about a million years away.

I know that it isn’t.

I know the time will pass.

I know that I will soon once again feel the warmth of the sun and the tickle of a nascent sneeze waiting to be born.

Until then, I get out my hooks and my yarn and attempt to create articles that remind me that the world is not always gray and brown and sage green.

To that end, I concentrated my efforts today on what will ultimately be a 12-inch granny square with ch-2 corners and ch-1 space between all of the other 3dc clusters. I will be swapping squares with another color maven whom I met at ravelry. I am using an H-hook (5.0mm) and my beloved Red Heart Super Saver yarn in black and bright colors. To get to the 12-inch measurement, I will most likely be making a 10-round granny square.

The idea of this sisterhood of colors 12-inch granny swap was the brainchild of my ravelry pal. The inclusion of black is not something I would have done without prompting, but I am not unhappy with the result.

Here are the first 8 rounds of my first effort:

multicolor crochet granny square
I start on a twelve inch crochet granny square for a Sisterhood of Colors swap

I had always thought that the purpose of a swap was to allow the recipient the opportunity to receive motifs that were outside of the recipients normal comfort zone. What I am learning from this experience, is that it is an opportunity for me to also step outside my usual color routines and try something new and different.