Stash down challenge 2011: Day 9

Day 9 of my stash down challenge did not get off to the most productive of beginnings, but by mid-afternoon, I had finally wrested myself from the chores that had clamored for (and gotten) my attention, and I resumed work on Lianka Azulay’s crocodile stitch triangle shawl.

Before my son got home from school, I had come to the end (finally) of the second skein of yarn (of which there are four). Here is an overview of the piece:

crochetbug, crocodile crochet stitch, crochet shawl, crochet triangle, vintage yarn
I finish adding the second of four skeins of dazzleaire to the crocodile stitch triangle shawl

and here is a detail of the crocodile stitches themselves:

crochetbug, crocodile crochet stitch, crochet shawl, crochet triangle, vintage yarn
A detail of the crocodile crochet stitch

As can be seen from the photo, it is a very richly textured stitch, and the variegation of the yarn adds even more visual interest.

With the second skein of yarn completely used, I turned my attention to my Ketjusilmukkahuivi, a lovely scarf/shawl of hailing from Finland.

I had long wanted to make this piece, and now that I have finally begun work on it, I have no idea why I waited. Before it was time to leave and pick up my computer (I am so happy to have it back and once again in working order), I finished working the second row:

crochetbug, ketjusilmukkahuivi, crochet scarf, crochet stripes, crochet foundation, vintage yarn, use what you have
I finish the second row of my ketjusilmukkahuivi

The second row was not difficult to complete, but did require my complete attention so that I could be sure to get the stitch counts right.

I expect that when I am done with this project, I will find that the second row is the most time consuming there is, as it is the anchor for all the rows that come after, but now that I have overcome my initial inertia and the second row is done, it should be smooth sailing from here on out.