A murder of stash bags?

Today I sat at the table that comprises my outdoor office and enjoyed the lovely spring weather while I finished up stash bags 12:

crochet stash basket crochet bag
Crochet stash bag 12

and 13:

crochet stash basket crochet bag
Crochet stash bag 13

My baker’s dozen of stash bags has been enormously helpful in my efforts to organize my crochet empire, but what, I wondered, is exactly the right word to describe this collection?

So this past Saturday while my youngest son and I were driving to one of his musically related activities, I asked him which collective noun he thought would best describe my collection of stash bags.

Perhaps as a result of my well-known (at least in our family) penchant for the genre of story known as “true crime,” he suggested murder (as in a murder of crows), but he also thought some others might have potential.

In an effort to find exactly the right word, we consulted this list of collective nouns and found that there were any number that we liked, but the seventeen additional choices we found to be worthy of consideration (given in no particular order) are as follows:

richness (of martens)
deceit (of lapwings)
ostentation (of peacocks)
implausibility (of gnus)
skein (of geese in flight)cartload of (chimpanzees or monkeys)
mischief (of mice)
singular (of boar)
congregation of (crocodile or plovers)
piteousness (of doves)
kettle (of hawks)
charm (of hummingbirds)
sleuth (or sloth) (of bears)
convocation (of eagles)
knot (of frogs)
tower (of giraffes)
array (of hedgehogs)
sneak (of weasels)

And while we did not settle on which collective noun would best do the job (skein, after all, refers to geese in flight), we did manage to cart all of the stash bags downstairs and get this group photo:

a murder of crochet stash bags
A murder of crochet stash bags

Now that I have made progress organizing the yarn, I am going to spend the rest of May finishing projects I want to have done before the state fair afghan season begins in earnest.