Eight days and 130 cookies to go

One of my concerns about traveling to California in the middle of “State Fair Season” was would I be able to visit my son, enjoy the beach, and keep up with my crochet schedule for Cookieghan 2.0?

The answers (in order) were as follows: yes, yes, and “kind of.”

While I did spend time walking along the beach:

Venice Beach
Venice Beach

and enjoying the sights:

Santa Monica Pier
A view of Santa Monica Pier on a morning walk along the beach

I also kept up with my crocheting new cookies quota for the first two days of my travel:

sixteen small crochet cookies
Two motifs worth of crochet cookies with the ends woven in

and made measurable progress weaving in ends on already completed cookies:

thirty-two small crochet cookies
Four motifs worth of small crochet cookies with the ends woven in

By the time I got home I found myself unable to set my bent-tipped yarn needles aside, and even though my calendar called for making more cookies, I spent less than an hour today making cookies, and instead wove in ends on cookie both large:

large crochet cookies
The long view of my large crochet cookies

and small:

Eight days left to finish filling the crochet fat bag with crochet cookies
Eight days left to finish filling the crochet fat bag with crochet cookies

Having taken a count of cookies crocheted so far, I found that I had finished 40 of the 49 large cookies, and I had four more large cookies substantially completed (but in need of some final touches), and I had finished work on 270 of the 392 small cookies I will need and about 80% of those have the ends woven in and are ready to be joined into motifs.

Over the next 8 days, I need to crochet at least 15 small cookies per day, and a couple of those days, I will need to make 16 cookies, but it does look as though come September 19, there is a strong possibility that I will (indeed!) be ready to begin the work of assembling Cookieghan 2.0.