Still more Viking crochet

When I went out to the store yesterday to do the last of my pre-Thanksgiving shopping, I saw a weather report that suggested we might get a couple of inches of snow for Thanksgiving, and if by a couple you meant 2 x 3, then the forecast was right on the money. When I awoke, it looked to me as if the weather were perfect for more Viking crochet:

Approximately six inches of snow in Albuquerque on Thanksgiving Day 2019 making it perfect for viking crochet.

I say “more” because I thought that when I put the finishing touches on the last Viking crochet helmet, I was done crocheting Norse-inspired helmets for babies, but that’s not quite how it worked out.

Someone had seen the first baby-sized Viking crochet helmet I had made and was interested in having one made for her son. Not one to tell a mother her child is not worthy of the crochet hat she dreams of for him, I offered to make one.

Which is what I have been doing, and today, I managed to pull it all together.

I started by securing the narrow single crochet strips at the base of the horns:

When that was done, I pinned the textured crochet strips for the helmet into place

Then I appliqu├ęd those strips to the hat, wove in the ends, and finished the piece that goes at the very top:

Then, in one last push before we left the house to spend what remained of Thanksgiving Day with some of my extended family, I finished securing all of the pieces that still needed to be secured, wove in and trimmed all of the resulting ends, and in almost no time at all, I had another Viking crochet hat ready to go:

Another completed helmet exemplar of Viking crochet

For the moment, it seems, it is time for me to set aside the Viking crochet and move onto other projects that need my attention — one stitch at a time.