In which I finish my stash bag

Let me begin by saying, I love this bag.

I don’t know what it is that I love so much: it could be the way it came together without a hitch, the perfection of both the design and the instructions. I don’t know. What I do know is this: I started a second one.

I finished the first one shortly after 4:00 pm EST. I wanted to take a picture of it in all its perfection, but the clouds that have since moved in were no where to be found, and the lingering sunshine cast shadows and caused all kinds of lighting mayhem.

What a difference an hour makes.

Shortly after 5:00 pm EST, I was able to capture my bag in it’s natural habitat: filled with yarn on my front porch:

crochet bag with yarn stash
My completed crochet stash bag, complete with stash

And here it is looking just as wonderful with a view of the top:

crochet bag with yarn stash
My crochet stash bag filled to the brim

This project is perfect in many ways. First, it truly requires only a hook, yarn, scissors, and a yarn needle. There are no special fixtures that must be ordered from an online retailer who only accepts first-born children as payment, and the stitches, while simple, combine to form a truly elegant bag.

Second, the designer, Whitney Van Nes, has written directions that are both meticulous and easy to follow.

Third, the bag not only stores yarn, but the consumes it as well.

Fourth, the bag can be put into use immediately.

I know that I will make more of these bags as they are the perfect vehicle for organizing the yarn that runs rampant in my yarn annex.

So if you need a bag (or bags) to store your stash, just click here, and you will be transported to a pattern that will allow you to transform the yarn that is languishing in the back of a closet (or under a bed, or in the trunk of your car) into a tote that is truly special.