Many years ago, I purchased 70 skeins of what was then a “new” and novel product: Classic Elite’s, Waterspun: a felted merino roving.

I bought it because I had a particular project in mind, and I bought 70 skeins because the yarn store where I was making the purchase was willing to order the yarn in all of the colors I wanted, but only if was willing to purchase the yarn in the quantities it would have to be ordered in.

I never did finish the project I originally intended to make, but eventually I used the yarn I had left (which was many, many skeins), purchased additional colors from what was on the shelves of the yarn store, and made the squares seen here:

an abandoned crochet project
An unfinished project in search of a new purpose

I had every intention of making myself a jacket, but something happened (or didn’t happen) along the way, and the jacket never got made.

Eventually, using the squares I had made for the jacket, I made a bag by assembling the squares, adding a single crochet edging, a loop, a crochet “button”, and straps.

Once I had all of the pieces assembled, I felted it; here is a view of the front:

felted crochet purse
A felted crochet purse I made and felted repurposing 22 of the squares from a long abandoned project

and here is a view of the back:

felted crochet purse
The back of the felted crochet purse

Despite having used 22 of the squares to make a purse, I still had a lot of squares left that could be used for something, and yesterday it finally occurred to me what that something was.

In early November, a new puppy joined our household. He was welcomed by all sentient beings, save the cat, Stripes, and while our cat frequently turns her nose up at pet items we have purchased or made specifically for her, our dog/puppy, Clooney, is much more receptive to gifts. He not only likes what we get for him, he is also fond of the stuff that was purchased with the cat in mind.

Like this scratching mat:

cat's scratching mat
My cat’s scratching mat after the dog discovered it

Yesterday as I swept up the strands of sisal that were scattered about the livingroom as a result of Clooney using this as a chew toy/pet mat, I decided that a pet mat made from the previously crocheted but currently unpurposed squares would be perfect, and that given Clooney’s enthusiasm for chewing, it would probably fare better if it were felted.

So, Clover bent-tipped yarn needle in hand, I set to work. By sunset last night I had gotten this far:

wool crochet squares
The unfinished crochet project after I go at it with my Clover bent-tipped yarn needle

And today, I got even farther:

wool crochet pet mat
Clooney’s crochet pet mat to-be

My goal is to finish joining the seams early in the morning and get a start on the felting before noon.

By the time I take my son to his trumpet lesson, all that will be left is the drying.