2012 Carolina Fiber Fest

Last year while my youngest son traveled to Baltimore, Maryland, for a Boychoir festival, I took some time to attend a festival of another sort: the 2011 Carolina Fiber Fest.

This year while my son traveled to yet another music festival, this one at Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia, I again took some time to check in at the 2012 Carolina Fiber Fest.

Held at the North Carolina State Fairgrounds in conjunction with the “Got to be NC Fest,” once I had gotten my son to his early morning bus, walked the dog, eaten breakfast and done a couple of things around the house came ready to do some shopping in an effort to support the vendors who had come.

After jockeying to get a parking space, I made my way across the fairgrounds to get to the Fiber Fest, I came across this vendor booth that I thought was worthy inspiration for an amigurumi:

amigurumi inspiration
Soft serve ice cream stand

But, there was no time to dawdle, so I continued on my way past the carnival rides, games, and fried food vendors until I reached the Jim Graham Building which housed the Fiber Fest. Near the entrance to the event, I was greeted by this sign:

Hippie Chix Fiber
Hippie Chix Fiber Art booth at the 2012 Carolina Fiber Festival

After I made my tour of the vendors, other than the $5 I had spent on parking, I had yet to make a purchase, so I went back to where I had started my tour.

Located in Cullowhee, North Carolina, Hippie Chix Fiber Art, is the brainchild of Gail MacLean Johnston, and her collection of fibers features an astounding array of bright colors .

While there was a large selection of roving and other spinnables, what caught my eye were the skeins of sari silk. Unable to decide which I liked best, I ended up purchasing almost everything that caught my eye.

Here is one pile:

silk sari strips
One of my piles of sari silk strips

and here is the other:

silk sari strips
The other pile of sari silk strips

Once I got home, I had to tackle some work around the house, but by late afternoon, I was able to situate myself in my outdoor office and begin the task of winding the skeins of sari silk into balls for later use. After one hour and one cup of coffee, I had made this much progress:

silk sari strips
After the first hour of winding silk sari strips

After another hour I had 18 skeins wound:

silk sari strips
My newly wound balls of sari silk strips

and this pile of silk that was yet to be wound:

silk sari strips
What remains to be wound into balls

I haven’t decided what exactly I will do with these repurposed silk saris, but I know that what ever it is, I will have a lot of fun doing it.

5 thoughts on “2012 Carolina Fiber Fest

  1. No wonder you couldn’t resist them. If I left them in skeins, I might never actually do anything with them, just keep them where I can see them every day. This probably says a lot about my housekeeping…

  2. Made a beautiful lined shoulder bag my first attempt with sari silk and sold it in my shop. I was so pleased, as was the buyer.

  3. Ah! I was visiting from Nj this weekend, a friend in NC, and went to this same Fibre festival. I bought three lovely skins of yarn, and some locally made NC birch wood knitting needles and crochet hooks. It had quite slipped my mind that you also livein NC.

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