Crochet decisions

I started today’s crafting extravaganza by making crochet decisions that were confined to color.

I was thirteen rounds in to what will be a thirty-six round great granny square blanket, and I was both happy with and uncertain about the turn my color choices had taken.

Was this the right color direction? Would I have regrets and want to frog it all? Would I continue forward, or back track?

After a moment of color discomfort, I decided to plow forward. While I felt some uncertainty about my choices, I also knew that if I frogged my way back to the eleventh or twelfth round and started over with the colors that could have been, the colors would be different, but the uncertainties would be the same.

So I ignored my doubts I moved forward, using a yellow which gave me a viable color route to an amethyst I had been wanting to use:

Two more crochet decisions about what color two use helped me reach the fifteenth round of of a thirty-six round granny square blanket

I was pleased with the result, but having no clear path to what was next, I decided to set it aside and focus on making yet another amigurumi from the Hello Kitty Crochet collection.

After finishing work on two of the amigurumi included in the book, I found myself needing to make more crochet decisions: which amigurumi should I crochet next, and in what color?

I soon turned my attention to a frog named Keroppi.

The pattern caught my attention for two reasons. One, I like frogs. Two, it had in intriguing technique to put pieces together, and I wanted to try it out.

Using a 3.25 hook, and some Red Heart Super Saver spring green, I got to work.

First I crocheted one part of the head where one froggy eye would go, and then I crocheted the other part of the head where the other froggy eye would go:

And now was the moment I had waited for. I was going to somehow seamlessly join the two pieces.

I reviewed the instructions, and to my delight, except for a few stitch miscounts on my part, it worked:

Now that I am this far with both the great granny square and the frog, I am committed to seeing this project through to the end–one stitch at a time.