A tale of two pinks

I started my weekend crochet with a dilemma–which pink should I use. What follows is a tale of two pinks and how one decision can completely alter your crochet path.

I am working on one of my new-ish to me favorite things to crochet: a great granny square blanket.

Granny squares are not new, great granny squares are not new, but my infatuation with them while no longer “new” to me is still “new-ish.” I have not yet explored as much as I would like what I see as the power the great granny square, and each time I start one of my multicolor extravaganzas, I am reminded of how just one decision can completely later your course.

Sometimes this power overwhelms me, and I achieve a state of “decision stasis,” where I am unable to move forward because all of the choices seem equal in some way, and I am unable to make a choice.

They can be equally bad or equally good or some kind of equally different, all I know for sure is that I am stuck, and I need to move forward.

Which is where I found myself as I got to work on the twelfth round of what will be a thirty-six round blanket.

I had a choice between a somewhat more somber and introspective pink (on the left), or a more vibrant, and somewhat loud pink (in the upper right hand corner). I knew that this choice would alter the finished piece, and so I was at a critical juncture. Either color would do, but the two blankets would be very different from one another:

A crochet granny square and a tale of two pinks

After more thought that was probably necessary, I decided to move forward with the more introspective pink. With each stitch as I made my way round the square, I was more certain of my choice, and when I was done, I wasn’t the least bit tempted to pull it out and try again:

I finish the twelfth round of the granny square with one of the pinks
I finish the twelfth round of the great granny square blanket

Instead I worked another round with a green that I thought looked “just right”

The thirteen round of what will be a thirty-six ground great granny square blanket worked in a myriad of colors
Thirteen of thirty-six rounds

When I finished with the thirteenth of what will be a thirty-six round blanket, I set it aside and resumed work on a Sugarbunny I am making from Mei Li Lee’s Hello Kitty Crochet collection.

It’s taken me a little longer than I expected to get this particular piece all put together, but I decided that today was the day, and fortunately for me, the stars aligned, with my crochet hook and bent-tipped yarn needle, and in seemingly no time, I had the head all stuffed and sewn up:

The head of the crochet Sugarbunny stuffed and ready to be attached to the crochet body.
Sugarbunny’s head stuffed and ready to be attached to its body

All I had left to do was attach the arms and the head, and voilĂ –at long last, Sugarbunny was done:

The finished crochet Sugarbunny also demonstrates a tale of two pinks
A Sugarbunny ready for adventure

Thrilled to have completed the bunny, I got this photo of the two amigurumi on the growing great granny square blanket:

The Sugarbunny and Purin atop the future great granny square blanket
Sugarbunny and Purin playing on the blanket

I don’t know what color I will use to crochet the next round of the blanket, and I have yet to figure out which amigurumi I will crochet next, but when I get that sorted out, I will move forward, one stitch at a time.

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  1. I hear you about the decision stasis…argh…glad you moved out of it by definitely taking this evolving granny into a more somber period after its brighter beginning.

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