6.75 tetrominoes and one coffee cup cozy

Today, after I had gotten up and dispatched with my morning chores I set out to reach three crochet goals:

One, make a second Victorian coffee cup cozy.

Two, write comprehensive and coherent notes as to how to make the cozy, so I can then write a pattern.

Three, complete seven more tetrominoes to be used in a second panel of the Tetrisghan.

Using Red Heart Super Saver melonberry and a 4.5 mm hook, I sat down with a notepad and pen and got to work on goals one and two:

coffee cup crochet cozy
A melonberry crochet coffee cup cozy

While the actual crocheting of the cozy went quickly, the requirement that the resulting notes be both comprehensive and coherent posed more of a challenge; thankfully, I did not insist that the notes be legible to anyone other than myself, so in just under two hours, I was able to both complete the cozy, and have notes that are sufficient for me to work with in order to write a pattern.

This left me the rest of the day to crochet seven tetrominoes for the Tetrisghan, and if my son had not had a trumpet lesson, I probably would have finished all seven and several more, but as it was, he did have a trumpet lesson, and as I often do, I ran additional errands while I was out.

By the time I got to the seventh tetromino, daylight was running out, and I found myself one square and one tetromino shy of meeting the day’s third crochet goal:

crochet tetrominoes
A possible arrangment of 6.75 crochet tetrominoes

Tomorrow marks that start of a new month and a new day, and since I have several unavoidable errands to run, I think I just might put “getting a cappuccino” on the top of my to-list so I can find out if the coffee cup cozy works as it should before I transcribe my thorough, but messy notes into a written pattern.

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  1. Although I will be stuck in the house tomorrow morning awaiting the Cable Guy to fix whatever our Internet problem is… I will be sharing a cappuccino with you in spirit! Here’s a restful night’s sleep and an easy errand day tomorrow.

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