A baker’s dozen

My definition of an unfinished project is rather expansive, so it includes not only projects that I have begun and set aside, but also projects I have been meaning to get to, but haven’t yet. Such is the case with today’s project to which resulted in a baker’s dozen of squares.

I am, as of today, just over two years overdue with a gift for the child of a friend from college.

While I had a vague notion of what I wanted to make, I didn’t really get any clarity until I reached an impasse with the Fibonacci project.

While I was busy sketching out several options for the project that will not (at least as of this moment) move forward, I had an insight into what I wanted to do for my friend’s now two-year-old son.

Squares — lots of them, and I knew just the square for this endeavor.

I have been wanting to do a project using the Royal Sister’s sublime Nana Square, and a blanket for a child seemed the perfect vehicle for this splendid motif.

Using as many shades of blue as I could easily dig out of my crochet empire and nearby yarn annex, I got to work.

While I had identified a color scheme (blue), a yarn (worsted weight acrylic), and a motif (the inimitable Nana Square), the project got off to a slow start as I didn’t know what size hook I would use.

I started with a 5.0 mm hook (the square was not supple enough); then I tried a 6.0 mm hook (the center of the square was too large); finally, I tried a 5.5mm hook, and the square was, at long last, just right.

After this initial rocky start, I was finally able to move forward, and as the sun was about to set, I got this series of photos:

A baker's dozen of Nana squares
A baker’s dozen of Nana squares

Thirteen Nana squares in blue assembled for a group photo
Thirteen Nana squares in blue assembled for a group photo

Thirteen squares all in a row
Thirteen squares all in a row

I don’t yet know how many squares I will need, or how they will be arranged, but I do know that there is no project I can’t make more complicated if I just put my mind to it.

4 thoughts on “A baker’s dozen

  1. I’m in awe of you having 13 blues that will work together. I’ve been scouring the city for 2 blues of the same tone and a cream to make a simple baby blanket… I wanted them to be from the same wool and it was nearly impossible. I ended up in the least likely store and nearly ended up buying online.

  2. Loving all those shades..What I like even more is your last line!!!!!!LOL That is SOOOO true…. I am doing it now.:)

  3. A perfect example of that last line was this weekend when I recd some very coveted crochet instructions from a friend. Included in one line was “yup” which was unfamiliar to me. But not wanting to appear stupid, I spent (won’t tell you how many) hours searching first the internet and then every crochet book I own for this elusive crochet abbreviation. I finally figured it out late Sunday night on Twitter. “yup” stands for Yup! as in “yes, this is really what i mean for you to do!”
    I am still ROFL!!!

  4. My unfinished project list is extensive…mostly because I have a hard time settling down on one thing I want to do. I spend more time mulling it over in my head than I do actually crocheting. Sigh. I think I have a plan for the favors for the wedding so that’s a step in the right direction. 🙂 Great job on the squares!!

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