A crochet pumpkin head comes to life

I worked on several crochet projects this weekend, but the one that got most of my time and attention was a pumpkin head that is one of five heads featured in the Mr. Bone Headz Pop Off Head crochet pattern extravaganza.

I had been so pleased with the way the shrunken and mummy heads turned out:

A crochet shrunken head and a crochet mummy head
Two spooky crochet heads

that I was unable to resist taking hook to yarn and making the pumpkin head. Aimee Borst’s directions were, as always, excellent, but I made two small tweaks to the pattern as written.

First: I split lengths of black worsted weight yarn in half and used that to crochet the eyes and nose. I used the same split yarn to embroider the mouth, which created, to my mind, features that better fit the scale of the head I had crocheted. Second: instead of using a beige yarn for the stem, I went with a more traditional, if less accurate, green.

Round by round I counted my stitches, appliqu├ęd and embroidered the features, stuff the head, then closed it all up, and in short order, the third head was ready to join its compatriots; happily, the new head fit right in:

Three crochet heads for Mr. Bone Headz all in a row
Three heads all in a row

With all of that work done, there was only one thing left to do: See how the new head fit on the skeleton:

Mr. Bone Headz wearing his pumpkin head
Mr. Pumpkin head surveys the room

The fit was perfect, and as best I can tell, he enjoyed the view.

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