A day at the beach

In the middle of July, I wrote about a blanket I had made to take with me to yoga class. Composed of  459 crochet Bauhaus blocks, it is something I made for myself that brought me joy when I made it, and continues to enhance my life.

Here is a picture of the blanket that I included in my blog:

crochet squares crochet blanket
Another view of my crochet blanket for yoga

I finished this blanket while sitting on the beach at Waikiki, and found that it functions just as well as a beach blanket as it does a yoga blanket.

And as airplanes, trains, and hotels tend to have their thermostats set to a temperature that leaves me with goosebumps, I have taken the blanket with me on most of my travels since I got the last end woven in; my blanket has become (in addition to my personal talisman) a well-traveled and important component of my travel plans.

Today, while I was at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina, I had yet another opportunity to use it. After a day of the ocean and the sand and the sun, I got a photo of my blanket in it’s natural habitat:

My crochet blanket enjoys a day at the beach
My crochet blanket enjoys a day at the beach

crochet squares crochet blanket crochet hat
My crochet hat on my crochet blanket

I expect that by the end of October, as the hurricane season winds down, the chill of the coming winter begins to set in, I will finally finish the bag that refuses to be finished, and my blanket, my bag, and I will be able to set out on new, magical adventures.