A rainy day

My dog, Clooney, let me sleep in this morning.

This is not our usual routine, so when I finally did get up, it was to ominously overcast skies, and I quickly realized my dog knew there was a storm approaching and did not want to go out if there were even just a threat of rain.

Fortunately, we got out for our first walk of the day just moments before this storm moved in:

On a Sunday morning filled with rain, thunder, and more rain, there wasn’t much for me to do but crochet, and yesterday, after surveying this color wheel of the large, single color textured squares for my 2012 North Carolina State Fair project:

Fifteen large textured crochet squares made on a rainy day
Fifteen large textured crochet squares made on a rainy day

I saw that three colors I had wanted to include were missing, and I spent my crochet time on making squares that would fill in what I saw as color gaps:

textured crochet squares
Three large single color textured squares

Lucky for me and Clooney, the rain eventually subsided, and we got to go out for another damp, but rainless walk.

And here is the view from the same porch while I enjoyed the early evening symphony of insects and watched a plane traverse the sky as it came in to land at the nearby airport after the day’s storm.

The weather forecast for the next few days is for this “unsettled weather pattern to linger into work week,” and with any luck, I will have another rainy day as productive as today.