A ready-for-adventure troll hat and a Bauhaus Block

Sometimes when I am working on a project, as I near the end, I am more likely than I was when I started it to set it aside. Somehow having just a few things to do makes me think, “I can finish this later,” when what I need to do is finish it now, so that it is ready for adventure.

So today, I set aside everything else that needed doing and put my mind (and my hands) to work finishing my first troll hat.

There really wasn’t that much work to be done, but the less there is to be done, the more I think, “Oh, that will take no time at all,” and while it might be true that it won’t take much time, it does take some time to get it done. With that in mind, I started by securing the headband to the hat.

I had to stitch the headband both top and bottom all the way around the circumference. It was awkward, I had not left myself quite enough length to do it all in one go, so I ended up with two more ends to weave in.

Then I found one of the missing ears, but failed to find the second, so I had to find the yarn I needed to make a second ear, and then make it–which I did–and then with just a relatively few stitches, the ears were attached and the hat was done and ready for adventure:

My first crochet troll hat with ears and flowered headband attached and ready for adventure

So the question then became, what would be my next crochet adventure?

Is it happens, I have recently taken the time to write my Bauhaus Block crochet pattern at Medium so that if I ever have another blog outage as I did in July of 2019, I would at least have access to come of my content.

The Bauhaus Block was once a mainstay of my crochet activity, and when I made one square to make sure I had the directions right, I found I wanted to make another.

So today, in the interest of making crochet pillow shams for my bed, I started with one neutral square:

The idea is, that I will make two pillow shams comprised mostly of neutral colors and toss in a bit of the rainbow here and there to give it a little more movement and life, and like everything else I crochet, I will move forward, one stitch at a time.