A scraptastic adventure

To paraphrase Forrest Gump: Working with scraps is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. In fact, the only thing you know for sure is that you will have a scraptastic adventure of some kind.

Jenna Wingate’s scrap buster hat pattern is perfect for any and all of your scrap yarn adventures. I love the way her design incorporates texture and color to create a elegantly simple and fun project that is friendly to all skill levels and fiber types.

Yesterday, I took the time to finish crocheting the four remaining rounds, and then I turned the project inside out so that I could attend to the ends that needed to be woven in:

Two multi-color scrap buster hats with ends to be woven in.
Two scrap buster hats with ends to be woven in

It was definitely a job for a bent-tipped yarn needle, so I got out my lucky purple Hiya Hiya needle, and got to work. I wove an and in this way, and I wove and and in that way.

It wasn’t quick work, but eventually it was done, and all I had left to do was cut lengths of yarn attach them and braid it all.

This was one area where I modified the pattern. Ms. Wingate suggests 24 yarn strands for a child-size hat, and I decided that I wanted a big thick braid, so I went with a total of 64 strands per braid, and I liked the way the braids came out:

Two crochet scrap yarn hats ready for a scraptastic adventure
Two scrap buster hats ready for adventure

When I began work on the two hats I was crocheting in tandem, I wanted to find out if you could completely change the character of a project just by changing the colors. I think that these two hats show that by changing the colors of a project, you can fundamentally change the personality of it.

I am hoping that the now completed scrap buster hats find just the right person to wear them on many a scraptastic adventure.