A sort of rainy day

Late this morning, after I had finished with everything that absolutely, positively had to be done, I gathered some of the pieces of my 2014 North Carolina State Fair project and settled in on my back deck with everything I would need to work.

It was a beautiful, sunshiny day, with an occasional chill in the air — a preview of cooler weather that lies ahead. I spent what was left of the morning and most of the afternoon joining squares, weaving in ends, and stopping to get coffee as needed — there was not  one clue that a rainy day might lie ahead

A lizard, who spends a fair amount of time on the back deck with me, even stopped long enough for this photo:

lizard crochet buddy sunning himself before the sunshine gave way to a rainy day
My crochet buddy suns himself before the sunshine gave way to a rainy day

Then, shortly after three o’clock, the air began to feel as if it might rain. I consulted my phone and was relieved to see that according to the weather widget on my “home page,” it wasn’t due to rain until later.

In fact, according to the minutecast I consulted just to be sure, it was not expected to rain any time in the next 120 minutes, but the weather apparently was unaware of the information available on the weather widget, and 15 minutes later it began to rain.

Not much at first. One drop here, another drop there, but it was clear that my weather widget was not getting an accurate reading of the weather conditions on my back deck.

I had planned on staying outside as long as possible to use every available ray of sunlight to piece together my state fair project, but I was forced to bring all of my stuff inside as a result of the rain, but I did capture these photos before I made my retreat.

I finished all but two seams of my grandmother’s television set:

television set granny square picture
My grandmother’s almost completed television set

all but one seam of her telephone:

telephone granny square picture
My grandmother’s nearly completed telephone

and I got a reasonable start on the front porch before packing up and heading in:

front porch granny square picture
I begin piecing together the pieces of my grandmother’s front porch

There are not that many days left between now and the state fair deadline, and there are myriad ends to be woven in and lots of joining to be done, but I will continue as I have since August first, working my way forward, on stitch at a time.