A story pin and the tale of two frogs

What seems like a gazillion years ago now, but which was, in fact, not quite nine years ago, I first joined Pinterest, and I wrote a blog post titled, “Can I Pinterest you in anything?” It seems long ago and far away, but in those intervening years, I have amassed quite a few pinboards that I have used to document my crochet journey, and today, I made my very first pin, using the new “story pin” tool.

A screen capture of the first page of my first Story Pin
My first story pin

As with so many new endeavors, I learned several crucial details after I had published the story pin.

I was able to fix a few things using the available edit functions but like crochet, some things can only be fixed by going back to the beginning and starting over. So while I held an internal debate about whether to figuratively “frog” my first story pin, or simply move forward and keep it as a lesson in both to do and what not to do, I worked on Keroppi, the amigurumi frog from the Hello Kitty Crochet book, which I now always seem to have at my side.

I had decided to use a light green and a dark green, and I had everything done but the arms:

An amigurumi frog made with light and dark green yarn
A light green and dark green amigurumi frog

It was still at the messy looking phase of making an amigurumi, but messy or not, I knew I wanted more color, so I tried a different combination using the same dark green color, but adding a strong pink called grenadine to give it some pop:

An amigurumi frog made with dark green and grenadine pink yarn
A dark green and grenadine amigurumi frog

Pleased with the improved “pop” I then took a photo of the future amigurumi frogs hanging out together side-by-side:

Two as-yet-to-be completed crochet frogs worked in two shades of green, and pink.
Two future amigurumi frogs

I am sure that when I have all of the pieces of the frogs crocheted and assembled, each will have a place in my heart. As for the story pin, I expect that I will be learning more each time I complete a new one, and I will move forward, one story pin at a time.