A time vortex ate my Thursday

Today might have been the shortest day of the year, but my cat saw to it that as little as possible was wasted on sleep.

My son’s last day of school before winter break was yesterday, and as his usual weekday schedule requires me to get up at 5:45 in order to have him to the bus stop on time without incident or drama, my cat (who has appointed herself guardian of the morning) has taken to scratching on my bedroom door if I am not up by 6:00 am.

With the cat’s able assistance, I have gotten my son on the bus on time every morning since school began in late August. However, this morning, in an acknowledgement of the start of vacation, she let me sleep in until 6:15.

While I was not entirely happy getting up before sunrise, it did give me the chance to get an early start on my crochet, but even with that early start, the day seemed to have disappeared before it began.

Maybe it was the winter solstice or maybe, just maybe, it was a time vortex.

I spent most of my crochet day working on textured squares. In addition to completing these five square (made with Red Heart Super Saver aran) that will be used in the textured squared afghan I am working on:

crochetbug, textured crochet squares, textured crochet afghan, textured crochet throw, textured crochet blanket
Five more crochet squares, for the textured afghan

I also spent a little time crocheting in living color.

Using Lamb’s Pride wool from my frequently frogged and reconfigured big run project and my 4.0 mm Etimo crochet hook, I made these three squares:

Three textured squares and the return of the Big Rug

My cat, ever certain of my incompetence and need of supervision, oversaw most of the day’s enterprises:

crochetbug, crochet, stripes, stripes the cat, cat
My cat, Stripes, glowers at me in scorn and disdain

crochetbug, crochet, stripes, stripes the cat, cat
A close up of my cat, Stripes, glowering at me in scorn and disdain

I really don’t know where my day went.

The continued difficulties with my hosting services server (up one minute, down the next) have made it very difficult to get my blog post done in a timely fashion, but be that as it may, done it is, and I am ready to go bed so I can get some sleep to face a new, and every so slightly longer, new day.

Video Tutorial: How to make the crochet textured square/magic motif

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  1. I’m so happy to see you crocheting in bright colors!! They are lovely!! Love how your cat is keeping an eye on u!!y Maltese just sleeps beside me on the couch….lol.

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