Adding to my crochet bucket list

It has been awhile since I’ve added any items to my crochet bucket list, but today, while the mercury climbed to well over 95ºF, and the yarn stuck to my hands as I tried to crochet, I decided that it might be a good time to review a list of projects I want to do rather than attempt to document the one that was currently sticking to me.

97. Yoyo puff bucket hat:

child's crochet hat and tank top
Yoyo puff bucket hat

I found this adorable hat at Craft Passion. While I don’t have a daughter or granddaughter of my own, I am entering that phase of my life where my friends are becoming grandparents. Happily for me, a lot of them do not crochet, and I can step in and make things that they can’t.

96. [The aptly named] Essential Jacket:

crochet cardigan
Lion Brand Yarn Essential Jacket

Brought to us by the good people at Lion Brand Yarns, this is a free pattern available at their website. I like this piece because I am the type of person who can never have too many sweaters. Sometimes I need one that is big and heavy and keeps out the wind, and sometimes I just need a little something to keep an ocean breeze at bay.

95. Mary Jane Skimmers:

mary jane crochet shoes
Mary Jane Skimmers

When I was a child, the fall always brought me a new pair of Mary Janes with leather bottoms. The first few times out with them were always special because if I could find a long expanse of wood floor, I could run and slide as far as they would take me. Once the bottoms were sufficiently scuffed, however, their sliding power diminished appreciably and the magic was gone until I got my new shoes the following fall.

The pattern for the Mary Jane Skimmers can be purchased at Ravelry from Hook Candy, and not only do they look wonderful, but I have it on good authority from a crocheter whom I trust that they are comfortable as well.

To my mind, these are three very crochet worthy items that look to provide, fun, comfort, and utility.

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  1. I agree! They are all BEAUTIFUL! I’ve been looking for an around the house “shoe” or slipper and I think the Mary Janes fit the bill.

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